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Paul Shepherd

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  First Steps…………

   I began my career at Siemens    Automation and Drives    (Congleton) in 1993 in the packing    department.

   From there I progressed    throughout the manufacturing    process gaining experience in    component preparation, pcb    build, unit construction, test and    then diagnosing and line repairs.

   This ‘sparked’ my interest in    electronics and working closely    with the Technicians, I received    specific knowledge and guidance    in the area of electronic motion    control.

  Industrial Robotics Achievements

   Getting to know me

       Born in 1974 and currently reside in Cheshire (UK).

       My passion really lies with passing on information so that it can benefit others.

       Presently this is orientated around the Kawasaki Robotic Family of products and        recently I have undertaken and completed Fanuc Robotic Family Training and the        world of industrial robotics as a Moderator of the largest growing online industrial        robotics communities at Robot Forum.

       Futuristically, I aim to undertake training with other Robotic OEM’s to allow me to        further assist with additional products.

       Always looking at gaining knowledge, whether presented with a steep learning curve        or progressive learning.

       I welcome the challenges ahead with passion and determination to succeed.

       Using my own Kawasaki Robot, I enjoy developing in other areas such as PLC, HMI,        Arduino and 3D printing.

       Expanding  my knowledge and just simply can I bring an idea to reality.

       I enjoy Formula 1 and have had the pleasure of attending races at Catalunya,        Silverstone and Spa Francorchamps.

       Camping and Formula 1 weekend…….I would recommend to anyone.

       Go Ferrari………

       I play regular golf and back in the day attained a 6 handicap as I took it very serious        but now enjoy golf on a social level playing to around (cough cough) 15 on good day.