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Handling Applications

Handling applications consist of many variations, from palletising, to pick and placement/transfer.

Standard palletising, commonly consists of layer stacking from boxes, to sacks and can be standalone; or be a part of larger line consisting of transfer conveyors usually placed between product manufacture and product logistics (transport).

Also integrated vision feedback systems are being used in simple pick and place/transfer applications where a camera interfaces with the robot and telling the robot where the object is to picked up, transferred to.

Welding Applications

Welding applications consist of several types, common areas include servo/spot welding (resistance welding) and Arc welding.

Servo spot welding is growing in popularity, due mostly to the energy efficient usage and environmental benefits over spot welding.

Arc welding is increasing in popularity and with the favoured Ethernet/IP fieldbus as the common choice of communication between weld power source and manipulator, configuring and profile adjustments are more simplified with built in control parameters.

KROSET Simulations

KROSET Simulation Software can be used to virtualize an application during the design/layout stages of a project.

This assists with layout, reach studies and cycle time analysis before commitment is made to the installation.

The placement of the robot can often be overlooked until the installation takes place creating problems that could result in having to program around posture related issues.

Simulation tools can also be utilised to provide product training without the requirement of an actual robot.